Frequently asked questions

Is the recipe safe to use on all surfaces?

This product isn't suitable for use on granite, marble, or other natural stones as the acid in the recipe can etch the surface, watch this space though as we may launch a product for these types of stone.

What surfaces can I clean with the recipe?

The recipe can be used on most kitchen and bathroon surfaces including work tops, sinks, hobs, oven doors etc... Always test first on a small area of the surface to be cleaned. There is an all purpose recipe including glass, one that doesn't include glass and one just for glass, so you should be well covered. PLEASE NOTE: This product isn't suitable for granite, marble or other natural stones as the acid in the vinegar can etch these materials.

What surfaces can't I clean with the recipe?

PLEASE NOTE: This product isn't suitable for granite, marble or other natural stones as the acid in the vinegar can etch these materials.

Is the recipe environmentally friendly?

All ingredients have been selected because they are environmentally friendy, no harmful chemicals here, just natural goodness!

It's zero waste but the trigger spray is made of plastic... huh?

The spray nozzle is made of plastic, but as this is a reusable bottle, this is much more environmentally friendly than alternatives. We are looking into recycled plastic spray nozzles and may have a plastic free alternative coming soon, watch this space.

What does it smell like?

It's smells of the ingredients, so there is a whiff of vinegar and alcohol, but this soon evaporates and this is also masked by the essential oils (though they also have powerful cleaning properties too!) we always advise using in a ventilated area and rinsing all cloths thoroughly after use.

What if I have stobborn stains?

If you have stuborn, dried on stains we recomend using a sprinkling of baking soda, now this does cancel out some of the properties in vinegar but this helps to provide some abrasion.

How should I wash the bottle?

The bottle is dishwasher safe but this wont really clean the inside, always best to rince by hand from the tap, also we suggest a clean of the nozzle from time to time to keep this in good working order.

How long will the recipe last once made up?

We suggest using distilled water but boiled water that has been cooled is just as good. The dark glass acts as sunglasses for the mixture so that UV rays don't break down the cleaning properties of the ingredients, each batch should be good for up to one month.

Does the cleaner leaves streaks?

As a natural product without harmful chemicals to prevent streaking, it will sometimes be necessary when cleaning certian materials (like stainless steel) to dry off after wiping a surface, we suggest using a dry, lint free cloth or item of old clothing.

Why have each of the ingredients been selected?

DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR: With a low pH level of two and a high acid content, vinegar slows down the growth of microorganisms. Vinegar is great at fighting the build up of grease and grime. Vinegar cuts through mildew, soap scum, and kills mould. ALCOHOL (Isopropyl alcohol or vodka): Alcohol is an awesome disinfectant, is great at dissolving dirt and oils and helps the mixture to evaporate. Caution: Make sure you’re using in a well-ventilated area. Alcohol is flammable, keep away from flames, heat sources, pets and children. LIQUID/CASTILE SOAP: Castile Soap removes germs and bacteria, as well as dirt and grease, it also helps to remove old soap.

Do essential oils just smell nice?

No... Essential oils aren’t just included because they smell nice (though they do help to cover up the smell of vinegar and alcohol). Different oils have different properties as follows: • Lavender oil is naturally antibacterial with a lovely, relaxing scent. • Lemon, orange, and most citrus oils cut through grease and freshen the air. • Tea tree oil is antibacterial and fights germs, bacteria, and viruses. • Peppermint is antibacterial and has a, cool fragrance. If you can’t decide which to use why not try your own blends!

I can't see how the liquid is in the bottle when filling up

The glass needs to be dark to prevent UV rays breaking down the properties in each of the ingredients. We suggest holding the bottle up to a window or light to help when filling.

How will my world bottle be packaged?

Your bottle will be packaged very securely in it's own strong recyclable cardboard box, securely fastened with paper tape & plastic here! Thank you! We want to make sure your world bottle reaches you in pristine condition.

How much is delivery & how long does it take?

Delivery is a set price of £3.95. It goes via Royal Mail and once you've placed your order, we aim to get it to you in 2-3 working days.

What if I am not fully happy?

If you're not fully happy with your world bottle, you can return it to us, as long as it's in good condition, within 30 days, we will be more than happy to give you a full refund, minus the shipping costs. You will however need to return it back to us at your own cost.


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