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People often ask us 'What are the cleaning properties of different essential oils?'

Or do they just smell nice?

Welcome to our first blog post!

The simple answer is both, they make your home smell great but they also pack a punch when it comes to cleaning and killing germs, a few of our favourites are listed below...


Lavender oil is naturally antibacterial with a lovely, odour eating and it has a lovely, calming, relaxing scent. Lavender scent is known to help a good nights sleep so this is the perfect essential oil to use in your bedroom.


Lemon, orange, and most citrus oils cut through grease and freshen the air. A few drops works really well in our all-purpose cleaning recipe and the cleaning powers and fragrance are great to add a breath of fresh air in kitchens and bathrooms.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is antibacterial, fights germs and viruses and is one of the strongest cleaning oils. Also called melaleuca oil, Tea tree oil. is so powerful it can help prevent flu and norovirus. A great option to kill bacteria and protect your households health.


Peppermint is antibacterial, anti fungal and has a, cool fragrance. It is also known to repel rodents and pests from your home. Great to use in our window cleaning recipe too! If you can’t decide which essential oils to use, why not try your own blends!